Powered by its Scholarship First Agenda, which drives solutions-focused research investment in agriculture, biomedicine, coast, defense and energy, LSU reports a record $428 在短短一年内,总共投入了100万美元的研究活动.20亿年 对路易斯安那州的经济影响.

For the first time in its history, LSU has surpassed the $400-million mark in research 活动. This leap, up 16 percent in one year, is a direct outcome of the university’s commitment to solve pressing problems for Louisiana and the world, from food insecurity to obesity and cancer, and challenges to our coastal communities, security and energy 供应.

“It’s no surprise that our research initiatives are gaining momentum,” remarked LSU 威廉·F总统. 泰特四世. “我们杰出的教师是各自领域的领导者, have enthusiastically embraced the challenge of pursuing larger grants with the potential 更重要的科学和社会影响. 这是一个激动人心的时刻 为了我们的大学和我们的州. 这一新的研究基准奠定了一个基础 future filled with anticipation for new discoveries and the potential for setting 未来几年将创下新的纪录.”

威廉F. 泰特四世 lol比赛押注平台校长

To put lol比赛押注平台的 new expenditure numbers into context, $428 million represents a remarkable jump not just from the year before, but when compared to the past five years. 从 2018 up until 2022, the university system’s expenditures fluctuated between $350 million 3.68亿美元.

With $428 million in new research 活动, the economic impact of LSU research on 路易斯安那州估计为1美元.20亿年. 此影响数基于转换 最近建立的比率 annual report by United for Medical Research for the National Institutes of Health在路易斯安那州,每投入1美元的研究经费,就会产生2美元的收益.经济影响方面 关于国家.

lol比赛押注平台的 five core research campuses—the flagship campus, the LSU AgCenter and LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, plus LSU Health New Orleans and LSU Health Shreveport—achieved a historic $428 million in research 活动 in 2022财年,而前一年为3.68亿美元. 新数据是最近发布的 shared with the National Science Foundation, or NSF, which will issue its own report 伴随着今年秋天或冬天的全国排名.

大学有几种方法来衡量他们在研究方面的成功. 两个最 common are to look at the amount of money universities earn in grants and contracts 以及他们每年花在研究上的钱. 而总金额 of new grants and contracts captures immediate (and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime) wins, 支出数字能更好地反映长期增长. 这是因为奖励 钱很少一次性送到大学. 相反,它被分配了 在一个研究项目的过程中. 对于多年期项目,支出 数字是衡量持续成功的最佳标准.

“Research expenditures represent a valuable measure of scholarship at a public research university,” 说 Robert Twilley, vice president of research and economic development 在lol比赛押注平台. “They show return on investment of every dollar that promotes economic opportunity through innovations that solve regional problems of national significance.”

LSU proves the full operational capacity of its research enterprise by continuously 进行研究,吸引新投资并支付其费用.

“LSU is an important mechanism for federal investment in our state economy,” Twilley 说. “Research labs 在lol比赛押注平台 are like small businesses with research associates, graduate and undergraduate students and post docs who not only contribute to our local economy 但也代表了工业和政府的熟练劳动力.”

Among all sources of LSU research funding, federal agencies rank at the very top. Federally funded research projects that have helped drive lol比赛押注平台的 historic numbers include:

  • 在农业方面,

    lol比赛押注平台农业中心的 健康的社区  and High Obesity Program works to fight health disparities and increase access to healthy food and physical 活动 across Louisiana, with focus on rural residents who live in “food deserts” with limited choices and “food swamps” with many unhealthy 选项. The project was initially awarded $5 million in 2018 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and renewed this year, with another $4 million in CDC funding.
  • 在生物医学

    lol比赛押注平台最长期的研究合作伙伴之一提供了美国.S. 的军事力量, nutrition science and solutions to keep soldiers at optimal health and performance. Over more than three decades and with increased investment in recent years, lol比赛押注平台的 Pennington Biomedical Research Center has conducted more than 140 mission-critical 与战士健康相关的研究大约有1亿美元的奖金.

    lol比赛押注平台的 Superfund team works with Louisiana communities to track and fight pollution 废物处理场. 在最初的10美元之后.国家研究院的800万奖金 该团队在2020年获得了额外的1美元.400万美元 Science Foundation for a high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, which helps researchers understand how dangerous compounds form and how they can be 矫正.
  • 海岸科学与工程-

    预测对自然系统的威胁,或者 行动, works to protect land, secure military terrain and future-proof our national defense 运用海岸生态工程. 该项目获得了9美元.300万防卫费 与美国政府合作提供资金.S. 陆军工程研究与发展中心 环境实验室. 行动计划的成功促使陆军重新投资lol比赛押注平台的研究 for DEEDS, Developing Engineering Practices for Ecosystem Design Solutions.
  • 在国防

    lol比赛押注平台的 服务奖学金 发展美国经济的计划.S. 网络安全人才队伍已进入第四年. 推出了 3美元.2020年,美国国家科学基金会(National Science Foundation)拨款400万美元 has continued to grow under lol比赛押注平台的 Scholarship First Agenda and offers students free tuition and generous scholarships in return for some government service after graduation.
  • 能源-

    For decades, Louisiana’s leading energy companies have come to LSU for talent and technology development, from fundamental research to testing and demonstration. 之前 到壳牌的转型 $27.投资500万 to establish the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation and advance scientific discovery 2022年和埃克森美孚的 投资200万美元 this year, Shell and ExxonMobil collaborated with LSU on two short-term research projects to advance carbon capture and underground storage and study gas migration 这两者都为lol比赛押注平台的研究支出做出了贡献.

今年早些时候,lol比赛押注平台举行了庆祝活动 $6.10亿年 in total economic impact 关于国家—a number based on all university activities, 不仅仅是研究.

NSF bases its national rankings on Higher Education Research and Development, or HERD, 调查数据. 对于lol比赛押注平台,国家科学基金会负责巴吞鲁日校区的支出 不是整个大学系统. 2022财年,巴吞鲁日校区 仅报告了3.45亿美元的研究活动.